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Welcome to Crafting
Sapphic Spaces

what is our goal?

Hi! Our names are Ayat and Adele and we're both FCAD students at Ryerson University.

Through our class Social Justice Media class taught by Dr. Marusya Bociurkiw we were paired up with collaborator Sica Saccone from Lavender in order to create a creative assignment that would help support sapphic folks who want to create events. And thus was born our toolkit to help sapphic folk create events for and by us!

what is sapphic?

The word sapphic comes from Greek poet Sappho known for her numerous romantic poems addressed to women. For our toolkit, we use it to refer to all women and nonbinary indviduals who are aligned with the women who love women (WLW) community.

On its way!

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Make sure to share this toolkit to whoever you feel would love to read more on organizing for sapphics -- whether that be your cousin, your ex, that cute girl you've been meaning to talk to you see at Glad Day every Tuesday night — it doesn't matter. Help us help others create the events they've been dying to see for our community.

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